Monday, 22 August 2011

Saloon/Hotel planning and construction underway

I've got a basic floor-plan scribbled out, a set-up for the front of the building and have started work on the main staircase. I was having trouble with planning this out, but this cardboard thing at 1:1 scale is really helping. I've general idea of the downstairs right now: a bar, several tables, a staircase (with landings about halfway between each floor) and either a back room (Dodge City &c) or a stage (The Great Race, Blazing Saddles &c) or both. I want nice big windows on every floor (The Magnificent Seven), so models can shoot in and out. Something I'm not sure of right now is names for stuff. I'm inclining toward naming bits of this artificial community after folks on this here artificial community, pardner: Vitor's General Store, Sheriff Wolf, and so on. So good news for cowpokes who like to jaw a while: you might get a place named after you on this here wild frontier!

Here's how the planning is right now. You can see I've got a plan for three front bedrooms on the first floor and four on the second. Add one to those ordinals (not cardinals - I'm not increasing the number of rooms!) if you're American, as I understand America's ground floor is the first floor, and so on. I can't fault that logic, but that just demonstrates how far American has moved away from English. But then you guys say "I could care less" when you couldn't, which is a lot less logical and thus more English than our English version. :-D Anyway, fellas and fellarinas, enjoy these pics.


  1. Hi there, just wanted to chime in a bit before you get to the roof section because I'm a sucker for accuracy. The roof you have drawn is known as a "crown roof" and this was not a something that would have been built in the wild west. Buildings of that era tended to have quite distinctive styles, with simple roofs mostly encompassing single pitch, double pitch or flat designs. In fact, most establishments (such as saloons or shops etc) would have had extended front walls which hid the roof - though their main function was to act as a billboard, to advertise the business. I hope I'm not stepping on any toes here, but take a look through some images of building types and this will hopefully help you identify a number of key and archetypical features which will help make your scratch built terrain be all the more authentic.

  2. Cheers, old boy! Thankfully I've not started cutting anything yet, so I'll see what I can dig up. Very kind of you to help! :-)


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