Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Saloon-cum-Hotel planning advances

The Post Office have yet to deliver that Bombard to Germany, so my first order of business today is to pop up two pictures of my reserve Bombard, which is probably going to be on its way to Germany shortly. I think I might tear a strip off whoever's in charge of sending stuff to Germany. Come to think of it, I know a fella who works for the Royal Mail, so maybe I can wave a metaphorical fist more effectively than most people. We'll see. Needless to say, losing about three score quid isn't the happiest thing I've heard of! I'll grouse at someone, even if it's only you, dear reader! ;-)

Having put up those pics (and praying that the formating will work), here's what I've been working on today for the hotel-cum-saloon. The floor plans are a little off, as I decided to change the location of the staircase, but have yet to alter the plans to reflect this. It's not a big problem, but when looking at the plans for the first and second floors, please note that the stairs are in the wrong place. The ground floor plans are just about right, I fancy. Pardney. Goldurnit. Ah done thunk! Today I watched Hang 'em High and am now engaged on The Sheepman. We sure do have a load of Westerns in this house, don't we? Farewell, dear reader!

P.S. Here, too, are a few more things I just popped up on Ebay, a Griffon, a Chimera and a Thunderer.

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