Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Saloon/Hotel begins

On the advice of Oink, I've adulterated my design. I think I was a bit unclear with my last description, though. I meant to have the front of the building shaped thus: / \ but it looked more like I was designing the roof to look that way. But that front's ahistorical, too, so Oink's advice is well-made! For those of you who haven't seen his site yet, his work is a pleasure on the eye! He's just put up a couple of stand-ins for Imperial Armour's Tauros vehicles (new models are by way of Ramshackle Games). Take a look!

Over here I had a go at the start of the hotel-cum-saloon, and have pinned in place the general frame. I mean to add a few more windows at the back, at least, and then I need to start work on the inner and outer walls. I'm pretty happy with the idea of clothing the ground floor with plasticard embossed with bricks. As you can see from the background here, I'm a-watching a suitable Western film. Er, well, I'm having a silly day. So far I've watched Support your Local Sheriff, and now Support your Local Gunfighter. I've stacked up a load of others to keep my tubes warm. :-D Anyway, enjoy these pics and I'll see you again!


  1. Excellent idea with using the brick embossed plasticard. Are you doing the same with the upper floors? Perhaps using a lined effect to give the impression of timber weatherboarding (again a very archetypical look). I am liking your other buildings so far, particularly the fine attention to small detailing so look forward to seeing teh rest of this too!

  2. Thankee kindly for the compliments, old boy! Aye, I'm thinking of using the balsa wood to coat the upper floors.


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