Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Saloon furniture done

That's a grandiose way of saying that I made the other three tables! I've been a bit wiped out this afternoon. I swam half a mile this morning, went for a four-mile walk, and then seem to have lapsed into a sleepy-headed afternoon-cum-evening. We'll see if I can do better tomorrow! Anyway, let me remind you of my current Ebaying. Right, tomorrow I'm going to head over to a local town where there's a wee model shop, and pick myself up some more balsa and superglue. I'm near out of both, and can't really get much work done on the saloon floor without either. The pics give a good idea of how the layout will appear once it's all completed. Until next time, dear readers! P.S. A few more pics added somewhat later display what I have thus far done on the floor, and a totally minor building I'm working on as an aside. It's just going to represent a storehouse or something, so it's got almost no detailing.

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