Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Wild West 2: General Store

I'd like to claim that my well-ordered mind decided that food and drink were also fundamentals of civilisation, but in truth I couldn't think earlier what else to do. Well, next, I mean. Then I suddenly realised that I had some model shelves and a desk which have been living in my drawer for (perhaps) years. I think I bought them with the intent of doing something Imperial Guardly to them, and never did. So I plucked them out, found one of those 6" square bases I made the other month, and then reined myself in. I actually made some paper templates for once for the building. They don't match exactly, nor have I decided where the rear door will go, but given my usual devil-may-care attitude to this sort of thing, an ounce of prevention is more incredible than a miracle cure! Nothing is glued in place yet, and the desk in these photos is serving to prop up the rear wall.

The last post demonstrates that again the formatting is rebelling against me. Again I have no idea why or how to fix the problem. I shall try to ignore it, and ask you to develop inhuman powers so you can do the same. I intend to add a rear door to the store, and clad the insides and outsides with scribed balsa to pretend to planking. I'll go dwell on that for a bit, decide, then sit about, unsure what building I should make next, no doubt. Is there a Muse of wargaming? Perhaps I should co-opt Clio! ;-) Until next time, dear reader!

P.S. I forgot to mention my Ebaying last time. I mustn't do it again!


  1. Thanks! It's coming along pretty speedily. It's a basic framework, too, so it'd be very easy to transfer it to 40K or to any period, really.


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