Wednesday, 10 August 2011

General Store: painting

Righto, so I took the building and painted on by hand some light grey paint, covering the exposed foamcard (on the upper and lower portions of the building) lest it should have been destroyed by the spraypaint.
I made from plastic tube some hinges for the two doors. I cut the tube into three parts for the front, and grew in confidence with regard to the latter door, cutting it into five parts, which is much more stable. A pin unites the parts. Then I twisted a staple into an approximation of a door-ring, and pushed it into one side of one door before gluing it in place. I repeated this on the other three door-sides, then took the whole outside to undercoat with Halford's grey primer.

Having laid down the undercoat, I brought the totality back within, and hand-painted the roof black. I then dry-brushed that with a light grey, then atop that a cream mixed with light grey, then atop that just a cream. The walls I dry-brushed with a cream, washed with a diluted Burnt Sienna, then dry-brushed again. They yet look a little too grey to me, so I may do some more work on them. However, the building's certainly useful in games as it stands. Windows/shutters need doing, and I must secure it to its base. But all in all . . .

I am away in Wales from tomorrow, so I shall not update again before Monday at the very earliest. I wish you all a lovely (and riot-free) weekend!

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