Wednesday, 19 January 2011

1/72 scale models in abundance

I used to buy loads of 1/72 models - Airfix, Haet, Italeri, you know. I gradually moved into other areas, and so these once-loved models ended up in the attic, abandoned. I painted these things a long time ago, and so only a few of them have anything in the way of shading and highlights on them! In fact, they look just like 28mm models do in all the ads for Army Painter. So I will be daubing gobs of that over these bland-looking fellows in a day or so. This evening I've been reattaching soldier after soldier to bases (old GW cavalry bases). I used to play Shako (Arty Conliffe Napoleonics rules) back in the day with these fellows. I've prettier and better-painted models these days, but so many of these models are almost ready, and so many models did I find in the attic, that I just had to resurrect this force. In the following days I shall get more of these chaps ready to return to battle pour l'Empreur! And against old Boney, of course!



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