Saturday, 29 January 2011

Great Scott, Holmes!



I present to you Doctor John Watson, Doctor James Watson, Mr Sherlock Holmes, Mr Sherlock Holmes, Mr Sherlock Holmes and Her Royal and Imperial Majesty, the Queen Empress Victoria. Several years ago I saw some models of Holmes and Watson made by Foundry, but my memory is that when I had money to look, they had been discontinued. I was chatting to a friend the other day and idly looked them up. When I say chatting, I mean online. I try not to break off real conversations by excusing myself to hunt down miniatures on the web. Anyway, there on the Lead Adventure forums was a link to the very Holmes model I'd wanted. Oh, and then there were more bits. Foundry's £8 flat shipping fee is painful, but they arrived the very next day, so I was delighted! A friend and I once had the short-lived Holmes reference that when one of us bellowed "WATSON!" the other would reply "Holmes!" He then put a stop to it by leaving the country. As dismissals of my sense of humour go, that one was pretty good! I may see if I can get together some friends for a silly game of Holmesian intrigue.

Later today I had intended to play a game of Shako, but I realised that getting the models up to scratch in time really isn't possible, so instead my friend, my brother and I shall be hunting dinosaurs (and some more contemporary fauna) with some energetic Victorian gents. I hope to remember to take some pictures during the game. Shako has not gone away; the Emperor will return!

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