Sunday, 23 January 2011

The Emperor's men march onward

Imagine the same photos as before, but now all the bases have had a coat of PVA, sand, PVA, and been painted Burnt Umber. I don't fancy repainting all these scores of miniatures, so I've just applied some of the Army Painter Quick Shade to some 95th Rifles and some French line. Fingers crossed this'll bring out the detail on the models without me needing to repaint. I have a couple of French units whose identity is uncertain. I am pretty sure that they're Bavarians, but I need to confirm that before I use them. Well, I don't, but it'll ease my mind. I intend, once all these chaps are ready, to get in a few games with my brother, and then try for a campaign modified from an old magazine article. Said article demands an umpire, so I think Niall and I will play the battles, alternating sides, and I'll get some mates to command from a distance. More on that in the future.

On a non-wargaming note, I've been mildly miffed this week. I started getting back to exercising, after far too long a "weekend", only for my right shoulder to get a twinge, and then my left leg to develop two. This put the kaibosh on things, so I've been going a bit stir-crazy at my desk. Fingers crossed that's all gone this week.

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