Thursday, 27 January 2011



From The Wonder Book of the Navy, which an acquaintance in Germany kindly sent me some time ago. It's one of those joyful pieces of Imperial propaganda from those days people like to be nostalgic about. Perhaps because we didn't have bananas or tofu or the other essentials of civilised society. But they did have jolly big guns, which are splendid, on jolly big warships, and they are yet more marvellous. It's a lovely book, and very enjoyable. I already had its RAF and Empire sisters. The Empire one is from the tail end of the Great War, and is even more delightfully outdated!

Anyway, photography. This topic keeps popping into my head. For one thing there's the question of photographs for this blog. I was skimming FTW earlier, and realised I'd slid past a few blogs since they lacked a picture. Mm, advertising. It's also intruding into the offline world because I have been moving furniture around my room again. So a chest of drawers which once was to my left is now to my right as I type. It may be perfectly placed for photography. I embedded some screws in the bookcase last night with that in mind.

Returning to advertising for a minute, I am toying with enthusing these rather dreary (I feel) didactic (or perhaps expository is apter) entries of mine with some false extravaganza of emotion. Over the years I've got rather used to adopting a self-deprecatory tone about wargaming, the better to blend in with non-gamers or, to use an accurate term, normal people. Lest anyone start to froth, let me set your mind at ease by iterating that I mean what I say: normal, not better, nor worse. Although normal people do enjoy football matches, so maybe they are a little worse. I'd far rather play something like that than watch it. That said, good luck getting a Ronaldo-esque display of athleticism from my formless shape. Erm, I have wandered off the track. Inane enthusiasm: keep your eyes open for it in my next entry. I shall try my hardest. And then try harder, since such things always seem to be a case of people trying too hard. That is never a good idea when weight-lifting, and is only mildly less perilous when advertising. Falsely? Over-exuberance seems a reasonable thing with which to associate falsehood, yes. Toodle-oo for now, snookumses!

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