Thursday, 27 January 2011

Napoleonics continue!

I always used to have terrible trouble with my mounted figures coming off their horses. I don't know if pinning just never occurred to me or if the fact that I'd have to buy a pin vice played a part. Happily, these days I have a pin vice, so I've been pinning generals and aides left, right and centre. A 0.5mm drillbit, some staples twisted into smaller lengths and flattened with pliers, some holes drilled into man and mount, and a spot of glue.


I realised that I haven't been taking many photographs of this project. I suspect because the painting quality still embarrasses me and also because I'm just rushing through it. However, here's a few shots of some Royal Artillerymen atop their new base.



I aim to have a game against my brother on Friday, then on Saturday show a friend the ropes. I've itemised what I need for the French (31 assorted infantry units, 5 cavalry units and 5 artillery units) and for the British army (26 infantry units, 4 cavalry and 3 artillery units). I feel that the artillery bases look better with two guns on as opposed to one, but I haven't enough guns for the French. So some of them will be under-strength until such time as I can deploy reinforcements to the Peninsular. Vive l'Empreur!

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