Thursday, 27 January 2011

Action-packed day!


This blog is so chill that my man, Si, is shiverin', man! And you know that's chilled. And relaxed. So let's say chill-axed, which is a totally awesome and certainly not risible construct of the two. Hell, yeah.

Well, I promised you a third post today, and by golly, here it is! Now, I also promised you some false enthusiasm, and if there's one thing I can fake it's that. You wouldn't believe how exciting today has been. First off, after my last post I knocked up some bases for my artillery (2" by 4") and my cavalry (3" by 2"), dawgs! i think you'll love 'em when i post a few snaps I took with my banging camera. That's a camera which is top hole, you know, not that I use for drumming. Speaking of drumming, I think we need a rimshot over here! Hoo-yah! Let nobody say I couldn't be an over-excited Radio DJ, baby! Funky.

Right, then I got onto perhaps the best part of the day, I undercoated some models and then - BAM! - decided I would take a nap. Take a nap like a bad-donkey! Hell, yes. Man, you wouldn't believe how I napped. It was from about 2 till 8. That's just how I roll, friend. Then I got up, showered, grabbed myself some pumping Cornflakes and soya milk. Oh, yeah, I'm vegan, you remember? Sorted! Word. Then I took my paints and some models downstairs and watched an interesting and amusing show on Channel Four about builders recreating a Roman villa in Shropshire or somewhere else nearby. Nearby by American standards, not by reasonable ones. While I'm doing that what else is up, blood? You know it, baby. I'm sat down there, painting away at my little toy soldiers like a madman, fool! I kept doing that through The Ten O'Clock Show, the presenters of which are settling nicely into their roles. Excellent! Then I came up here and pottered about the internet before writing this. Rad, baby.

This track will be released on Virgin Media's The Best of Feigned Enthusiasm: Volume IV, available from all good newsagents now. Only on iTunes.

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