Monday, 24 January 2011

The Continuing Adventures of 1/72-Man!

The experiment with the Quickshade went well. The matte varnish fogged, but I put that down to the resurgent cold weather. Resurgent seems the wrong word when the temperature is going down. Resubmergent, perhaps! Anyway, I have sprayed French Chasseurs, Carabiniers, Hussars and members of the Imperial General Staff tonight. I've dug up a load more French infantry. I shall have to count these fellows and see what I can field in total. Can Waterloo be far off? As I may have mentioned, my primary armies were the French and the Brits. Although there are units from the non-Peninsular portion of Europe, they are decidedly in the minority. For instance, by Shako rules, I am capable of fielding only four battalions of Austrian infantry (12 figs/btn, as Austrian btns have an extra base), and a couple of regiments of cavalry. Similar quantities of Prussians and Russians are awaiting my eventual attention. Thanks to the Imperial General Staff box (Italeri), I've got plenty of command chaps to head the divisions.

I'm going to take a count in a while of the strength of French infantry not yet based and painted. That which has been amounts to three lots of Bavarian skirmishers (3 stands apiece), which is possibly ahistorically numerous, and almost certainly ahistorically geographical for the Peninsular; two battalions of Guard (which are definitely out of time and place!); a battalion of French skirmishers (using Line figures - whoops!); and eleven full battalions of Line. The Brits amount to a mere formed battalion and skirmishing force (3 stands) of 95th Rifles. The Brits are far worse off on the Divisional Commanders front, as I've barely anything in the way of mounted Brit officers. A quick google turns up just a load of dismounted chaps, and my squinting eyes discern a bagpiper. How apt for this time of year. For those not of the cognoscenti, a certain poet's birthday approaches.

Right, toodle-oo!

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