Thursday, 13 January 2011

Oof, my feet hurt!

Yes, surprise, surprise, after walking ten miles a day for four successive days my feet have started to grumble. I'd not gone two of the eight miles I walked this afternoon before they started to grouse at me. That made the remaining six miles joyful! So I shall cut back on the walking tomorrow. As I said, I'm having friends round on Saturday, and we're going for a walk. It would be nice not to be wincing with each step. I'm not at that stage yet, but I bet I would be by then. I'm going to be increasing the distance I walk (and run) over the next few weeks, so I'd like to find out if this is just my feet having forgotten how to walk or if it's because I'm walking eight miles without a break. The solution in the latter case is obvious.

I'm going to search the house for a box in a moment. I should have found it back before Christmas, but I tend to put off things I don't need to do. Obviously, it's for a Christmas present. I have plans to marry this to a birthday present, if it's well-received. Revelation of the specifics will not be for a while, so you can safely forget I said anything.

One of the reasons I am on this fitness kick is a friend inviting several of us to a half marathon at the Silverstone racetrack in March. Mired in penury as I always am these days, I put off entry. I just had a look at the page, and I've left it too late, unless I run for a charity. I certainly could do that, I suppose. Ooh, I'm going to wait until I hear back from the two guys who are doing it. Nonetheless, that was more an excuse than anything. I shall keep with my current training schedule. Hm, and on that note I think I'll try to set up a pool party in March. No, actually, I shan't. I'm too tired right now to attempt the Herculean task which is aligning the schedules of a dozen people. Maybe tomorrow.

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