Wednesday, 28 September 2011

200th Post Extravaganza: Emperor's Wrath Artillery Company!

Yes, that's one Chimera command vehicle and 3 batteries of 3 Basilisks: nine of the beggars! Three have had their basic coat of paint, and the remaining vehicles will do soon enough. Imagine the destruction you can wreak on a table with that sort of firepower. Imagine the weight of firepower that can bring down pretty much any target that these guns represent. The Apoc formation of the title allows you to land every successive shot atop its predecessor without variation. Want to pulverise Marines at range? Want to overwhelm a superheavy with S9 Ordnance? We've got you covered. With high explosive, no less! Yet why stop there? Who wants a measly one company of artillery when you could have two of them?

Yes, the second company of these beasties is on the chopping board as I type. Keep your Berzerkers, Orks and Eldar. I'll take the Guard, and blast you to smithereens at ranges nobody would believe. These monsters have a twenty foot range, remember, so they really can reach out and touch the opposition - and don't just think about blasting the enemy in front of you. Your guys are a bit close, say, and you don't fancy the scatter. Fear not. Blast the snot out of the enemy attacking on the other flank of the battlefield, twenty feet up-table. If you hit a couple of your allies, well, it's the fun kind of friendly fire!

I could cheer myself a bit more, but I shall just let you guys gawp at the guns. ;-) The first pic is actually of parts for the next six Basilisks, but all the others are for this first completed company of Bassies. In the Emperor's Name, chaps, enjoy the firepower!


  1. Damn impressive. I'd hate to see that across the table from me!

  2. Cheers, Hudson! I hope some day to lay waste my opposition with a force such as this! :-D


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