Thursday, 22 September 2011

Shack and Sheriff's Office: preliminary painting

Well, less painting, more staining. I hit both of these buildings with my usual grey Halford's primer, but balsa gets a bit fluffy when you do this. So I then started diluting paints and using inks and washes to help flatten out the surface texture a bit. It's working quite well, but I've missed a few places, and been a bit sloppy here and there. It's just struck me that I'll need a Wanted  Poster or two for the Sheriff's Office. In other news, I have several squadrons of things up on Ebay. There's a pair of squadrons of Thunderers, here and here. Then there's a trio of Griffons, one of Exterminators, kitbashed Laser Destroyers (two on Chimera chassis, one on a Russ) here, and a trio of Chimeras, including one with a funky, repurposed Russ turret. Anyway, here are the pics of the buildings so far. Enjoy, folks!

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