Friday, 2 September 2011

To the Ebay-mobile, Robin!

There's a bumper crop of my fast-vanishing possessions up today, people! There's a scratchbuilt Medusa, another Griffon, and then things really start to get interesting! First up, I'm selling off my scratchbuilt/kitbashed Macharius Vanquisher, Molly. Then my nameless Stormsword with its doubled sponsons filled with fiery death! Then a trio of trios, as I sell off squadrons of three fully-painted and modelled Exterminators, three fully-painted and modelled Thunderers, and three base-coated Vanquishers (old-school, scratchbuilt turrets). The coup de grace, mes amis, is surely the Chaos Space Marine Army. 2 Predators, a Dreadnought, 4 Rhinos, a metal champion, the CSM Codex and 49 plastic Marines all for about a hundred quid. Worth a look, eh? Here are some pint-sized pics to whet your interest!

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