Thursday, 15 September 2011

Return of the Bombard

Following its unsuccessful tour of Germany, my Bombard has returned. While there's still no clear explanation how the postal service can have attempted to deliver it without my buyer noticing, two small puzzles have been clarified. First, it was Deutsche Post who tried to deliver it. Second, the reason my buyer couldn't track it through Deutsche Post is because they didn't use the Royal Mail's tracking code. I won't stick the full code out in public out of some confused feelings about online security, but the English code begins RJ and ends GB, while DP's code begins RL and ends DE, with a nine-digit number between. There's some overlap of numerals, and the national codes in GB/DE are clear enough. However, I have no idea how a sender or recipient could track this. My buyer tried the Royal Mail code on DP, who said they had no record of such a package. Well, no, not if they've given it a new code unknown to sender or recipient!

Opening it up, the ammo-loading crane's been broken, but that is the weakest part of the kit, and even coating it in bubble-wrap and those little foam thingies, bad things will happen. I think it should be easily fixed with an application of super glue. The buyer and I agreed last night to give up on this. It's really been difficult, not having a job, to find the money to pay for postage for the other things I've been posting. Hopefully, now this is over, I can turn the clock back to the way it was before! Anyway, here are some pics to breathe life into my dry and dusty words. See ye anon, dear reader!

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