Sunday, 25 September 2011


Way back here are some Laser Destroyers, Exterminators, Thunderers, Chimeras and Griffons on Ebay. These are lots of wee toys to play with, fellow wargamerinos! On a different scale of return, I see that I now have 20 followers, although I don't know who you are because my machine is utterly primitive. My 200th post approaches, so I might soon employ said post as an excuse to do all sorts of things. Perhaps I will hire an acrobat, but I might as readily acquire for myself a gun-toting halibut. Er, less readily, since I'll assume that taught halibuts are being exploited by their masters.

I will be putting up a lot of pictures later. Two things have combined to prevent me from so doing as yet. First, I'm watching Dexter. Second, he's on an External HDD which commands the same socket that the camera does. Ergo, I have the one socket either to watch stuff or upload it. I would like to say I have another socket, but while I agree that another computer exists, I can't use it. I don't know whether Mum's using it to access genealogical records or Dad's updating Church records or my brother's looking into his finances. Any one of these three is really inconvenient, but that's just how things are!

Anyway, good luck to you Ebayers!

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