Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Adding up AFVs

You know, I thought I had sold a lot of my tanks, but it seems that only a small proportion has gone into the ether. I decided I'd grab hold of them all and tote up what I have left. It's a humbling number. This is AFVs of all types, not just tanks. I've packed 72 of them onto my shelves, and another 22 mostly complete ones are scattered around the place. It looks like the mess of that item that didn't reach Germany is about to clear up. The Royal Mail say they (or rather their German partner, probably Deutsche Post) tried to deliver it on Saturday, so it's apparently wending its way back to me. My buyer was in, met the postie, and received some other post, but neither the package nor a note to say it had failed to appear. Nor does DP have any record of it. So at this point I'm giving up. I sent one item. It vanished. I sent a replacement. The postal services are at best colossally incompetent. So I'm hoping he'll just take a refund and all will be well again.

Then I mean to start getting rid of vehicles in squadrons. It'll let me decrease the numbers a bit more quickly. I did a bit of work last night on a super (Banehammer? Banesword?) to finish off a squadron of the beasties, which I'll then pop on Ebay. Although not until the next time they have a free listing weekend. I haven't paid enough attention to that, and I'm paying for it financially now. Had to renew my car insurance the other day, and it's ridiculously expensive. A friend tried to explain to me why insurance companies charge more to the unemployed (who are most likely to have no cash) than to students or the employed (who are more likely to have cash), but I still don't understand it. Still no response to these job thingies I keep sending out. Bah.

On a lighter note, I made brownies yesterday, and they're very nice indeed. I forgot to put macadamia nuts in, so earlier on I pulverised a few and had them with a brownie and some ice cream. Heavenly! I've been doing a lot of tidying and organising today, so no progress as yet on anything wargamery, but there's a while yet afore bedtime, so there's a chance yet. It's a good thing it's a few hours before sleep, as the models boxed and shelved have displaced books, which have now occupied my bed in serried ranks. Before I away, here's a teaser of the super I'm working on. Whatever their name, they're the long-range artillery variant. There's a third in the attic, with the regular allocation of sponsons, so you've guess correctly that this third beastie will have double-side sponsons. Twin-linked Heavy Flamers, of course - not because she is the sort of vehicle to charge into the action, but because she is the sort of vehicle that enemy deep-striking troops will go for. Until next time, mes amis, goodbye!

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