Thursday, 15 September 2011

I'm the law around here

The office of the Sheriff is well under way. Heck, I might even get it finished today. I got some thick balsa, cut a few small holes for windows and a big one for the door. I superglued the bits together and supported the joints with pins as before, using a few more pins to give bars to the windows. Then I got some pieces of plasticard tube (round and rectangular). I cut two lengths of the rectangular tube to the width of the Sheriff's Office, one for the bottom of the bars and one for the top. I cut a load of 5mm long bits of 4mm tube to serve as mounting points, then cut lots of 2.4mm tube to provide the bars themselves. I glued every bar in place save the end one, which I left loose. It provided the hinge for the door, you see. The details of the door's construction speak for themselves, I fancy. I cut small bits and bit bits for this and that, and cut a couple of bits of rectangular tube to fill the large gaps above and below the door proper. There's a gap for food to be passed through, but no lock.

Really, there's very little left to do. I need a desk, chair and rack of rifles for the Sheriff, and a door, roof and sign for the whole structure. Then I can stick some paint on it. It's been very easy to assemble, this wee thingy. Enjoy the pics, folks!

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