Friday, 16 September 2011

If you see a painted sign at the side of the road that says 15 miles to the Love Shack...

Are you looking for the Love Getaway? You may, if I am honest, have reached the wrong destination. Best check your GPS. This is a wargaming (well, ok, I've played nowt in years - terrain? Yeah, terrain) site, and I made a little old place where some of my cowboys can get together. It strikes me that trying to fit my terrain-making into the lyrics has inadvertently suggested that my tight-lipped cowboys are, ah, simultaneously less tight-lipped under certain circumstances. Ooh! Pardon me! Ooh, titter ye not!

"Pete, can the gayuendo and say what you've been doing." Well, get you! Pfft!
I have been a-working my fingers to the bone on a shack. I fancy a Wild West town does need a few places for the inhabitants to lay their weary heads. It struck me as I took this fella off to be undercoated that I should design these buildings with one thing in mind: firefights! They are wargaming buildings, and will never be wholly accurate period replicas, no matter what I do. Don't fault my endeavour, though, as I watched Two Mules for Sister Sara, Blazing Saddles and Big Deal at Dodge City yesterday.

"PETE! What have you been doing?!" Oh, I made a shack. I undercoated it earlier. The Sheriff's Office is indoors now and will probably get painted tonight. They are fairly close in conception: I wanted a small building capable of holding 3+ figures and with a few spots for shooting out of. Oh, a preposition ending my sentence? You can tell we're in the Wild West, pardner! Right, so I got some balsa and superglued it together. I am running low on pins, so only superglue featured here. I cut a window and door, and did use some pins for the window. The door is, like the last one, the unholy mixture of a wooden toothpick, some 3.2mm plasticard tube and a few dabs of liquid superglue. The hinge rotates nicely outward but not fully inward. I'm doing summat wrong, but quite what has yet to appear on my radar. "Pete, no radar in the Wild West." Oh. On my horizon? "Better." OK.

Righto, well enjoy these pics, folks. Beds, cupboards, wash-basins et al will follow later on . . . once I have worked out their particulars!

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