Saturday, 3 September 2011

Saloon's first floor underway!

Yeah, there have been distractions, but there we go. The first floor (second for you Yanks - so should I call it the second, even though it's the first, given I'm making an American building? Heh.) is now under-way. I've blocked out all the walls of the rooms and the beds, too. The ground floor (yeah, yeah, that joke's old) is pretty much done. I need to finish off the stairwell and do some doors. The tables are outside drying off from their painting. I've put to good use my vehicle-building knowledge, and have used Lego blocks to make my right angles. Here are a few shots of construction as it's been going this afternoon, and last of all a comparison shot of the ground and first floors. Mm, what else have I to say? Walls on the first floor are 1mm plasticard. Anyway, back to the grindstone on that front, readers. Until next time!

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