Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Oy, oy, oy

There's a potential downside to staying up until gone 4am reading. It's pretty close to this. You get woken at twenty past seven by your brother closing a door in the corridor. You try to go back to sleep. At twenty to eight you get a text from a friend who needs to find another friend's address. Not having it, you suggest some other people, as the friend's incommunicado (he's visiting a monastery abroad, incidentally, which is pretty cool). There then follows a series of text messages which presumably involve him checking out the various suggestions. I'm too tired to remember. You drop off again before twenty to nine (because that's when the last one's time-stamp is). Then at quarter to eleven a different friend rings you to see how you are. You can sometimes subconsciously feel the electrical disturbance caused by phonecalls before they happen, so you actually woke up about slightly earlier. He apologises, and lets you go back to sleep. Then at half eleven there's noise outside, and you get woken up again. You drift off, and then wake up again at about one, because Dad's headed out somewhere in the car.

If you'd gone to sleep at four and woken at one, you'd have had a lovely nine hour sleep and been fresh as a daisy. Unless you were repeatedly woken up. Let's switch person now: I barely feel human. I guess the answer is don't stay up reading until 4am, officer. I don't think I'll be able to tonight.

In unrelated news, it looks as though Yahoo are going to kill off (from my perspective of technological obsolescence) their Chat portal, but miraculously, it turns out that Gmail's one is happy to tolerate my Stone Age machine, so I still get to talk to my mate in Korea. Farewell, Yahoo! No more feeding me celebrity irrelevancies under the guise of news! Aha! Ugh, those exclamation marks are too loud when you've had such broken sleep as I. Anyway, folks, I have done a spot of work on painting the Sheriff's Office and the Shack, and I'll get some photos up later or tomorrow, depending how revivifying a shower is and whether I can get anywhere near Dad's PC to do some other stuff I absolutely have to do. Bye-bye for now.

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