Monday, 19 November 2012

Big Ships

A few photographs today of the largest ships currently available to the Federation (though the Mars-class Battleship should be out soon), one Federation-class Dreadnought and two Kirov-class Battlecruisers. Names for these are up in the air, as I will probably go with whatever is on the sheet of transfers. The Dreadnought is a very powerful ship, bedecked with all sorts of weapon emplacements, and because of the odd structure of Mongoose's boxes, I now have three of them! I think each fleet in the Federation runs to one of these as a flagship, so I can theoretically represent half the Federation's Dreadnought force! As I've mentioned before, historical naval actions seem a good place to go looking for inspiration, so expect some multi-Dreadnought action in the future. In the immediate future, however, expect some ships from the other end of the scales of technology and size tomorrow.

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