Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Frigates and Cruisers

These are the last ships from the fleet boxes I got for my birthday: a pair of F5 Frigates, a pair of D5 War Cruisers and a D5W New Heavy Cruiser (which is an evolution of the D5s with a third warp engine and some stat increases). All the ships bar the D5W, which is unique in my collection at present, have some coloured marker to distinguish them from their fellows. Red, blue, green and silver have proved sufficient thus far, and the fleet is already so large that I can barely imagine deploying it all en bloc. The wee F5s are a firm favourite of mine now: cheap and effective. I might end up getting some more of them, and having to come up with some more colours to denote them. It has the potential to get a bit Captain Scarlet!

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