Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Little Ships

Today's entries are a pair of Texas-class Light Cruisers, and a pair of Callahan-class Police Cutters. Both of these immediately struck me as odd as they don't conform to the standard saucer section design of Federation ships. Indeed, the Callahans both evoke Flash Gordon rocket ships to my mind - which is doubtless as intentional as calling a Police Cutter a Callahan. They are diminutive little things, which wouldn't last long in a fight with big ships, unless they were persistently ignored in favour of bigger things. I am not sure that in just a duo they would be too handy, but I can see a quartet of them sneaking about unnoticed in a large fleet game and making a distracting racket behind the enemy fleet's battleline. The Texas-class Cruisers don't really strike my imagination as ships. They seem solid, workmanlike little things, which is doubtless the idea. Again, in a squadron of several like ships they could be pretty handy. As I already owned one, this pair brings me up to a little trio which is probably the ideal size of force for such ships in larger battles. Apologies for the absence of a rear shot of the Texases, but bizarrely I could not manage - with a camera on a tripod and the models on a flat surface - to get a shot that wasn't blurred! That's it for today, folks, and tomorrow look forward to some Klingons for a change.

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