Friday, 2 November 2012

Star Fleet: the travails of assembling a fleet

My fingers are a quarter superglue, I have lost several balls of GS, which I shall find in a week, incurably embedded in the carpet, and one of my D6-class Cruisers has lost its port warp engine. Amazingly, the Federation ships have gone together with comparatively little fuss this time, and I'm having real trouble with the Klingons. Perhaps I simply exhausted my patience on the former, and by the time I got to the latter was just wholly unreasonable! Both my D5s have come together well, but one of them has a nasty bit of mis-casting on his right main hull. I'm not sure whether I shall have a go at GSing the damage away or if I'll add some bits and bobs, then paint it up as damaged. I'm far too impatient to send it back! I've undercoated the small Klingon and Federation vessels, and the shuttles. The larger ships take longer to get done as I first superglue them together, then add a protective cuff of GS around any joints.

I actually felt like a modeller when working on the Klingon Dreadnought. They've obviously still got quite a few resin hulls for the big ships left - the Romulan Dreadnought the other week was resin, and so is this Klingon one - except for the warp engines. The neck was quite badly curved downward, so I was able to put to the test the recommendation that I lower it into hot water and then reform it. It worked a charm. The lower hull has lots of small air bubbles. Really, I could leave them, as they'll be invisible when playing, but it has given me an excuse to get out my much unused bottle of Liquid GS. The first coat has got most of these imperfections, but a few deeper ones remain, so a second coat is imminent! Now, where did I put my camera? Ah!

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