Thursday, 15 November 2012

The Incredible Truths of Tomorrow!

This is more of a general status update than a post in which I wave a tattered or fresh banner, demanding your attention. Half a dozen planetoids are awaiting a spot of paint, and consideration of my recent pictures has me repainting eleven Mongoose Star Fleet models to my current standards. I shudder to think what this might mean in a year's time. I am toying with a return to Warhammer Historical's Great War rules in the next month or two, as I feel my Rosbifs and Jerries haven't really been used to their full potential. I feel an urge both to prepare them for 2014 and to acquire some 15mm or 6mm miniatures in order to have a go at Great War Spearhead. Is there a wargamer who has no thought of the 2014 centenary in his or her head? Aye, there are starships before me, wee cavalrymen to my right, and wee infantrymen above my head, not to mention a score or so of cavalrymen in a drawer to my right. Well, I hope you're all doing well today, anyway!

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