Friday, 9 November 2012

Star Fleet: cheap planets

As many a wargamer has remarked ere now, it is a good idea to check out pound shops and the like. I popped down to my local one the other day and found boxes of Christmas decorations for sale. I have blogged in the past about making small moons or asteroids from baubles for Christmas trees, so I was very pleased to see over-sized baubles in these boxes. The ACTA rulebook offers three categories for planets: Lifeless Rock (up to 3" in diameter), Earth-like world (4"-9") and Gas or Ice Giant (10" or more. These baubles are about 3.75", so fit nicely into the (presumably accidental) gap between the small and medium categories. In a word, they're good for either. I have a couple of larger planets (a globe and some item of plumbing), and lots of smaller moons (those normal-sized Christmas baubles), so these half-dozen will serve as good intermediates. Since the opportunities for orbiting planets and swinging around them make for rather interesting and risky games, I am tempted to knock up a little scenario with several planets or planetoids, and see what happens. For those of you looking for these, I picked them up from Family Bargains for £3.99, as you can probably make out in the picture, but I should imagine you can find them in any such shop.

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