Friday, 16 November 2012

Star Fleet: some Klingons complete

I fancied the idea of using all my Constitutions together, as they really epitomise Star Trek for me, and because it's easier to keep the books on four identical ships (well, the Lexington is slightly different, but not too much). So I then needed to get a force of equivalent points ready for the Klingons. The Lexington and three Constitutions will be facing off against four D6s and 2 E4s. As I already had a pair of D6s (one Klingon and one Romulan), I realised I needed to start marking them or I'd lose track. So various ships are sporting small patches of different colours. I shall temporarily have to do something similar with the Federation ships, as I have decided to recoat some areas to facilitate transfers. This'll be the largest game my brother and I have played thus far, as I think we're starting to get a grip on the rules at last. Here's what I have painted up, two D6s, two E4s and a lone F5 that wandered in by mistake. As well as those fellas, I was poking about in some old boxes, and turned up a TIE Interceptor model from yonks ago, which seems to be the selfsame scale as the X-Wing miniatures game. In short, if I pick up the Interceptor expansion pack come Christmas time, then I'll have two Squint models. Good news!

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