Friday, 30 November 2012

Huge fleets fill the skies!

Right, I have been building up to this with all these shots of a few ships at a time, and finally we have reached the apex of it all. Here are the maximum sizes of my three fleets. The Romulans and Klingons share a few ships, mind you. The Romulans allowing for Klingon largesse, can muster 4 KF5R Frigates, a Battle Hawk, a SkyHawk, a War Eagle Cruiser, 4 KR Heavy Cruisers, a King Eagle Cruiser, 3 KRC Command Cruisers, a Condor Dreadnought and one or two KC9R Dreadnoughts (in universe they only ever had the one), for 3,500-3,900 points in total. Not too shabby a score, I'd say. The Klingons, if they greedily hoard their ships to themselves, can muster 2 E4 Light Frigates, 4 F5 Frigates, 4 D6 Cruisers, 2 D5 War Cruisers, 3 D7 Battlecruisers, 1 D5W New Heavy Cruiser, 1 FD7 Fast Cruiser, 3 C7 Heavy Battlecruisers, and 2 C8 Dreadnought, mustering just shy of 4,000 points. The Federation, grandest of them all, at a little shy of 5,000 points, has 2 Callahan Police Cutters, 4 Burke Frigates, 2 Ramius Battle Frigates, 1 Ortega New Destroyer, 3 Texas Light Cruisers, 1 Kearsage New Light Cruiser, 3 Constitution Heavy Cruisers, 1 Lexington Command Cruiser, 1 Wolverine Fast Cruiser, 1 Prometheus Strike Cruiser, 1 Chicago New Heavy Cruiser, 1 Manta Ray New Fast Cruiser, 4 Kirov Battlecruisers, and 3 Federation Dreadnoughts. The Romulans may increase substantially, if I decide to get their fleet box at some point, and the Federation and Klingons will see small increases as I acquire some new releases. Doesn't that new Gettysburg-class look pretty? Anyway, here is what they all look like arrayed to defend a world.


  1. Replies
    1. Aye, and some lovely models in there. I get all nostalgic looking at the Klingon D6s!


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