Saturday, 24 November 2012

The swift and the masterful

Today's lot is an FD7 Fast Cruiser, and a pair of D7 Battlecruisers. The former struck me as rather odd-looking at first, as its bridge is quite unlike other Klingon cruiser bridge designs, resembling more a back-to-front F5 Frigate bridge. However, its elongated warp nacelles and general appearance have rather grown on me. It really does seem like a fast ship. The D7s are solid warships, worth about as much in points as the Federation's Constitution-class Heavy Cruiser, and with an optional upgrade that turns them into very vicious command ships. These models will do double-duty, as they can also serve as Romulan KRC Command Cruisers. It is rather a neat facet of the rules - intentional or no - that the Romulans have four different Klingon hull designs: the F5 Frigate, the D6 Cruiser, the D7 Battlecruiser, and the C8 Dreadnought, allowing gamers who want to play film Klingons (i.e. with cloaking devices) to do so, at the expense of losing Disruptors for Plasma Torpedoes. Apologies for the seemingly glaring highlights in these photographs. I cannot seem to work out a happy compromise between photographs which are too dark and those which are rather bleached by the flash.

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